Manto "X3" BJJ GI white - A3

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Pearl weave (450 gsm)
Reinforced knee area for increased durability
Collar filled with EVA foam for faster drying and improved comfort
Highest quality embroidery and patches
Adjusted and comfortable fit

A0 (160–165CM/50–60KG), weight GI (1,6KG)
A1 (165–175 CM/60–70KG), weight of GI (1.6KG)
A1L (170–180 CM/60–70KG), weight of GI (1.6KG)
A2 (175–183CM/70–80 KG), weight of GI (1.7KG)
A2L (180–185CM/70–80 KG), weight of GI (1.7KG)
A3 (183–195CM/80–95KG), weight of GI (1.9KG)
A4 (195–205CM/ 95–100+ KG), weight of GI (2.0KG)

This product has natural shrinkage rate of approx. 3–5% after washing in warm/hot water.
Washing in hot water can be used to shrink the GI and adjust it to your body type.
Wash cold only if you are satisfied with the fit.

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